Steam cleaning for grout and tile

How does steam cleaning work?

A pressurized tank heats water to 300 degrees and is forced out as pressurized steam. The high temperature and pressure removes dirt build-up. Because the steam is only 5% water, moisture dries without clean up.

Cleaning a Fireplace

When the house caught on fire the fireplace received severe smoke damage. The owner spent 18 months trying to clean the damage. However, we managed to get it clean in just over 4 hours.

What are the advantages? 

Cleaning with steam is a safe and Eco-friendly alternative to traditional cleaning. Steam is the active agent so there is little need for chemicals. The vapors will remove any residual chemicals.

According to recent studies, avoiding allergens in early childhood can prevent the onset of asthma. Pathogens live in your house no matter how clean you keep it. Vapor molecules penetrate surface pores to remove dirt, bacteria, and other small elements. The steam vapors will kill dust mites, mold, staph, allergens and harmful bacteria. As a result, it will help sanitize and deodorize your home. Protecting your home and family from these elements is one of the best benefits of steam cleaning. Eliminating allergens will also keep your family healthier. Don’t forget your pets! The steam vapor disinfects and kills fleas and ticks in their bedding. Sorry but this application is not advised for use on pets or plants.



Steam is an excellent cleaning agent for most surfaces, including floors, couches, counters, drapes and more. The uses are almost unlimited. One of the most popular applications is cleaning tile grout.

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