The clean up Pros

Residential Window Washing:

It has been said that the windows are the soul of your house. And most of the time, the one part of your house that doesn’t get cleaned. The funny part about windows is you never notice how dirty they are until you get them cleaned. Window cleaning is more than just washing the glass. A complete window cleaning includes washing the screens, sills, and frames. The screens will need a light brushing off if your windows are washed on regular basis. Without a regular maintenance program the screens most likely will need additional cleaning.

This is also true with the frames and sills. Without regular cleaning, the frames and sills can build up dirt, moss, and mold. We offer several levels of frame and sill cleaning. Our services include.

  • A simple wipe down. When the frame has light dust on it we wipe them down as part of the window cleaning.
  • Basic cleaning. There is dirt in the frame. We use a scrub brush to wash the frames and sills.
  • Deep cleaning. If there is heavy dirt and bugs in the frames we take the frames apart and clean out the weep holes.
  • Window sanitizing. After years of dirt build-up moss and mold will start to grow. In this case, we will clean the frames and sills with a steam cleaner and sanitize your frames and sills


Commercial windows off a unique set of problems. Dirty windows can make your shop look dirty, but who has time to wash the windows? Most cleaning companies don’t do the windows and your employees time is too valuable to ask them to wash the windows. But we don’t just stop at windows. We offer a full line of commercial cleaning. We like to specialize in the areas that other cleaning services won’t touch.